Friends Around the World Anniversary CAL – week 2

It’s week 2 of this amazing CAL and, once again, I’m the lucky designer chosen to publish the pattern.

First I’d like to do a recap of the square I published last week.   I have been overwhelmed by the love for this square!   There have been so many photos shared on the Facebook group that I have completely lost count.  I can tell you that as of today there have been over 1,500 pattern downloads from Ravelry.  I can’t tell which languages have been downloaded but I know from Facebook that the 10 translations have been very well received.

There were a few questions in the group about yarn and hook.  Whilst the designs were all specified to be in aran/worsted weight with a 5mm (US H) hook, you can make these squares in any yarn you like, just make sure you use a suitably sized hook.  Also there have been questions about the size – the squares were designed to be 12″ across, but don’t get too worried if you don’t make this size.  Wait until you have made a few more squares from different designers and then see what you maximum sized square is, you can adjust the others when you join.  But that is a way off, there are plenty more squares to be published yet!

I’d like you to join me in thanking all the admins, testers and translators for all their great work.    They have put so much work into developing this CAL and assisting the designers, without all their extensive work this CAL would not be happening.  SO a huge round of applause for them please 🙂

Are your hooks at the ready?

Here it is:


This is called Flower Compass, because there’s a flower in the centre surrounded by 4 points that look like the points of a compass.  Pretty apt for a square for ‘Friends Around the World’.  There are no complicated stitches in the square, so a new crocheter should be able to tackle this.  I made mine in one colour, but this would look gorgeous if you made the flower centre in different colours.   I can’t wait to see all your colour choices!

You can find the pattern on my Ravelry page here.

Who’s going to be the first person to finish this one?

Happy crocheting xxx

ETA:  for those who would like a stitch count, these are the stitches along each side (excluding the corner chain spaces):  Round 5 –  15, Round 6 – 19, Round 7 – 23, Round 8 – 27, Round 9 – 31





12 thoughts on “Friends Around the World Anniversary CAL – week 2

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  3. thank you so very much for this beautiful, yet so simply easy square. since it was labeled ‘week 2’, i also found ‘week 1’ to do. both are great. am hoping i can find the page to be able to keep up with all the ‘weeks’. looks to be the beginning of a lovely blanket.

  4. Susan Cannon

    I have a question about this pattern. I’m having a total brain fart in just Round 3. After you’ve made the DC in the previous row, you’re essentially at the top of the Ch5 loop. To start Round 3, I chain 1 and then it says “1sc in the same 1-ch-sp.” Which ch1 space? I’m lost here. there is no Ch1-sp near the end of the DC I just made. If I move to the next Ch1 space of the previous row, then once i make the stitch, the result does not look anything like the photo or any other photos people are posting. I’m very confused. Please help! Thanks.

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