Happy New Year!

I have noticed that everyone in blogland does a review of the year, in photos and words, of what they achieved.  So I thought perhaps I should at least record something of my year of designs.  Here are some of them:


37 designs, of which 33 were crochet and 4 were knitting.  And I made 2 ebooks!   For an accidental designer I don’t think I did that badly……

But I have made a resolution – I must do more knitting.   Now this resolution will be very difficult for me as Santa brought me a spinning wheel for Christmas. So I know what I will be doing in 2014!  Hey, ho ……

Wishing all my readers a very prosperous and happy 2014.


Seasons greetings!

I am sure everyone has been very busy preparing for the Christmas time holiday. But if any of you are still keen to squeeze in one last make before it’s too late here are a few ideas.

If you fancy one last minute decoration make hop over to Kerry’s blog to get the pattern for this:

Snowflake 2013
Snowflake 2013

On Kerry’s blog here:

Make a curvy star for decoration or as a coaster

Curvy Star
Curvy Star

On the blog here:

Make a few small lavender sachets

Simple crochet scahet
Simple crochet scahet

Pattern on Ravelry here:

And some very quick knitted fingerless mitts

Easy Peasy fingerless mitts
Easy Peasy fingerless mitts

Pattern on Ravelry here:

But don’t forget to find some time to put your feet up and just relax!

Seasons greetings and Happy New Year to all my readers xxxxx

A little bit Bohemian…….

It started on 2nd May 2013 with this:

Bohemian Rhapsody - the kit
Bohemian Rhapsody – the kit

Bohemian Rhapsody; a kit with 144 squares to make. I bought it because of the colours – 75 different colours. For me it was an experiment in colour.

I find squares boring (I’m a hexagon girl) so I decided to do a little every so often rather than bore myself with 144 squares. So I set a deadline – 8 squares every 2 weeks. Last week I decided to speed up – I had only 16 squares to go, the end was in sight – so I just raced away, worked fast so the squares didn’t bore me.

And this is the result:

Definitely Bohemian!
Definitely Bohemian!

Do I like it? Yes, I love it – the colours are quite spectacular.
Did I learn from it? Yes, I will be more daring with colour in future!
Did I enjoy it? Yes and no, like I say – I’m a hexagon girl! But now I do feel a little bohemian….

Happy knitting and crocheting xx