Technical editing services

I have offered technical editing services for over 10 years, working for magazines and other publications and individual clients.  I cover crochet and knitting.

Please note I am not taking on any new clients but can provide names of other tech editors which I have used if you contact me.

If you are a budding crochet or knitting designer then building a close working relationship with a technical editor is a must.   They will help you style your patterns and give great tips on how to make them user friendly.  Before embarking on a crochet or knitting design career then these tips will help you:

  1. It is essential that you have a good knowledge of your craft, if you don’t then it will show in your pattern writing!
  2. Experiencing (i.e. using) well known/published designers’ patterns will help you gain a good grasp of the correct terminology and style to use in pattern writing.  Developing your own terminology will only confuse users.
  3.  Develop your own style sheet for self published patterns.
  4.  If you are submitting to a magazine or other publication, work to their style sheet.  Some magazines employer tech editors to ‘polish’ your patterns, rather than give a comprehensive tech edit and grading.   Make sure you know what is expected of you!
  5. A fantastic source of information can be found from the Craft Yarn Council in the US, which covers standards and a section especially for budding designers here.  Be aware this is a US site so will have US terminology for crochet (and knitting which also has some variations to UK terminology).
  6.  The UK Knitting and Crochet Guild has a great reference section for online resources here.