Winter Blanket CAL part 7

Your patience of the last week is now rewarded, here is number 7:
I love the concept of circles in squares, and there are many such designs available. For this blanket I wanted a circle that was not too big and not too small, it took a lot of swatching but I like the end result.  I made mine in 2 colours only, but this would look good if the circle were in 4 colours.  In fact, that is what I plan to do in the CAL blanket I am making along with you.

The pattern has been updated to include this new motif, and it runs to 14 pages including patterns, some charts and instructions on joining, together with the suggested layout.

Here are the other 6 motifs included so far:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

We’ve had the full granny, filet style, flowers joined into a square, flower on a mesh square, openwork and raised stitches.   Only one more motif to go, and that will be different again!

You can find the pattern here and join in the discussion here

Happy crocheting xx



Woo hoo! part 6!

Part 6 of the Winter Blanket CAL has just been published.   It includes some texture in the form of raised stitches as well as some openwork.

Here it is:


There are 4 of this square needed for the blanket, and that means that the centre 25 suqares are now released.  Do you want to see what it looks like?

Well here it is in all the glorious colour:


One of the 6 published squares isn’t seen on this block, but the other 5 are there.

Only 2 squares and the edging to go before it is all complete!

You can find the pattern here and join in the discussion here.

Happy crocheting xx




Another update

As well as reviewing my old patterns, this month I decided to make another cowl using the Love Lace & Texture crochet cowl pattern.  This was designed for the LoveCrochet blog here.  I love the pattern and wanted to see it made up in a brighter colour, so I chose some gorgeous Rooster Almerino Aran in Beach, not sand coloured as you may think but a glorious blue.   Here’s the result:

The yarn is really soft and lovely to work with.  And I raced through the making, it hooked up smoothly and quickly – quicker than I expected.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with the new cowl.

The pattern has now been updated to include the yarn quantities for the new yarn and to include US crochet terms (originally it was in English crochet terms only) and whilst originally a free download, is now priced at the same level as my other cowl patterns.

Happy crocheting xx

Reviewing and updating

I started to publish my designs over 5 years ago (Phew! where did the time go?), and now I have a portfolio of over 150 designs and 10 ebooks.  But 5 years is a long time in the design world and my pattern layout has changed.  Also I didn’t start making crochet charts until September 2012 (when I purchased the software).  So one of my plans for 2016 is to review my oldest patterns and re-vamp if necessary.

I’ve already done my first review and re-vamp (and it’s not yet the end of January!).  I chose a favourite old pattern that I think doesn’t date and is very adaptable.   The Squeeee-easy Crochet Cowl:


The pattern is re-styled and now includes charts. I also re-made the cowl in some different yarn.  The original was made in lovely soft Mirasol Miski yarn (above), 100% Llama, which is still available but is pricey – the snug version of the cowl would take 2 skeins at a total cost of £13 to £14.

I chose a slightly thicker yarn for the re-make – Lang Sempione, a blend of Wool, Acrylic and Mohair – and I made a slightly larger size, using under 3 balls, and it is more affordable, but just as squishy, at less than £9 total.


The pattern includes details of how I varied it for size and yarn, as well as suggestions for how to adapt it further in size or for different yarns.

You a find the pattern on Ravelry here.  And as a special offer until midnight tonight, you can purchase it for half price, that’s only £1, if you use coupon code RENEW.

My next re-vamp is a more recent pattern, but I’ll save telling you  about that another day, until then

Happy crocheting xx

Winter Blanket CAL part 5

First an apology.  I didn’t show you my progress on motif no 4, so here it is:


For my CAL blanket I made all 4 of this motif in the teal colour, bringing a bit more depth to the colour scheme.   So I now have 25 completed motifs out of 49, just over half done!

What next?   Well here is motif no 5:


I call this ‘Flower and Mesh’ and there are 8 needed in the design.   With the colours of the sample, I had a great time mixing the flower colours on different backgrounds!  Maybe I’ll share a few photos of the completed sample next……..

Motif no 5 has been added to the CAL pattern, which now runs to 11 pages.  You can find it here and you can discuss your progress and ask questions here.

Happy crocheting xxx


Winter Blanket CAL part 4

Here’s motif number 4:

Motif no 4
Motif no 4

I call this ‘Openwork’ and it is quick to hook up.  Only 4 of these are needed in the design so, after a mammoth 9 motifs of motif no 3, it should be a welcome relief to complete this week!   And if you are following the exact design, then once these 4 are complete you will have done 25 out of 49 motifs – so roughly halfway 🙂

The pattern has been updated to include this motif and the locations in the blanket, it also includes a chart for motif 4 (for those who prefer charts).

If you want to join in the CAL you can find the pattern here and the Ravelry discussion thread here.

Happy crocheting xxx

Winter Blanket CAL part 3

Happy New Year!

And Happy Motif no 3!

Motif 3 hot of the hook!
Motif 3 hot of the hook!

This is straight from the hook and unblocked.  The next one is blocked and joined into the blanket:

Motif 3
Motif 3

I love this – I called it Four Flowers (for obvious reasons!) and I made 9 of them in random colours to go into the blanket; one in the centre and the other 8 spread out evenly.  I have already put hook to yarn and started the first one for the CAL blanket I am making along with you – I’m using the bright colours as flowers and several background colours.  I will share photos once they are complete.

If you want to join in the CAL you can find the pattern here and the Ravelry discussion thread here.

Happy crocheting xxx