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So it is two weeks until part 1 of the Advent CAL is revealed and published, are you as excited as me?

To reward you with your patience I’m offering you another discount.  This is my Christmas Bauble, otherwise known as the Christmas SBB Bauble.  What a strange name you say?  Well it’s because it uses 3 techniques – Spike st, Beads and Bobbles.


The pattern, normally £2, can be purchased at half price if you use coupon code CHRISTMAS at check-out on Ravelry – available until midnight GMT on Sunday 19th November 2017.

Happy crocheting xxx



Are you are still feeling a little impatient awaiting the Advent CAL?.  Well maybe I can soothe you!

Until midnight GMT on Sunday, the Soothing Mandala is available on Ravelry at a 50% discount if you use coupon code IMPATIENT at checkout.  Playing with some colour and creating a beautiful mandala could be just what you need!


Shell edge

Happy crocheting xxx

So 1st December is a long way off, and you have plenty  of time to choose your colours for this year’s advent CAL.  But if you a feeling a little impatient and your hook is itching to make something – why not try last year’s CAL?


12 decorations in one pattern 🙂

And until midnight GMT tomorrow (5th November) you can get 50% off the pattern price if you use coupon code IMPATIENT at checkout.  Find the pattern here.

Happy crocheting xxx




Today I am publishing the introductory pattern for the Snowstorm Table Runner (Advent CAL 2017).  The pattern can be found here and, if you purchase before 1st December, using coupon code TABLE will give you a discount of £2.50 off the full price. So you get the pattern plus all updates when they are released for the price of £1.


A reminder of the release dates:

1st December – part 1

7th December – part 2

13th december – part 3

20th December – bonus!

Are you joining in?

Happy crocheting xxxx


Today I am sharing details of the Advent CAL 2017.  Remember last year’s Advent CAL – have a look here if you want a reminder.   This year the CAL is a festive table runner called Snowstorm.  It will be hosted on my Ravelry group and on my Facebook page.

The introductory pattern will be released on Ravelry at the end of this week.  To start with there will be no specific pattern details on it only the requirements (most of which are listed below). But if you buy the pattern before 1st December there will be a discount code (which I will publish here and on Ravelry) which will reduce the price to £1.  As new parts are released the pattern on Ravelry will be updated to include them, so you will receive all the updates.

The CAL patterns will be released in 3 parts:
Part 1 Friday 1st December 2017
Part 2 Thursday 7th December 2017
Part 3 Wednesday 13th December 2017
Bonus Tuesday 19th December 2017

If you work to the CAL timetable you should have your runner complete for the festive season.

Size:  The runner can be made in several sizes from Small which has 19 motifs to Extra-large with 34 motifs.

Colours:  The motifs are designed to be made in 3 colours – the centres in 2 seasonal colours of your choice and the outer in the main colour of white.    I chose to use 4 different shades of blue for my centres, to fit with my colour scheme, but it would fit well with only 2 colours.

Yarn:  I used Scheepjes Catona 4ply cotton yarn and all yarn quantities/sizes are based on this yarn.   I chose it because it comes in several different ball sizes (10g, 25g, 50g and 100g) which means you can buy smaller quantities of the central colours and more exact quantities if you don’t want to waste any yarn.   You could use any yarn provided you use a suitable hook size but be aware that the yarn quantities I quote are just for Scheepjes Catona.

These are my 4 blue colours:


From left to right:  Capri Blue (261), Bluebird (247), Bluebell (173) and Baby Blue (509)

If you fancy some more festive colours how about these lovely shades of red and green shown next to the white:


The red is Hot Red (115), the green is Emerald (515) and the white is Snow White (106)

The pattern will include details of the layout for each runner size, but as this is made of motifs you could vary the layout if you wish.

You will also need a 3mm (US D/3) crochet hook.

Size and yarn quantities are shown below:

Small:  82cm long by 30cm wide.  Yarn –  if using 4 colours then 1x20g of each colour, plus 75g of Snow White.  If using 2 colours then 25g of central colour and 50g of mid colour, plus 75g of Snow White.

Medium:  100cm long by 30cm wide.  Yarn –  if using 4 colours then 1x25g of each colour, plus 100g of Snow White.  If using 2 colours then 30g of central colour and 60g of mid colour, plus 100g of Snow White.

Large:  118cm long by 30cm wide.  Yarn –  if using 4 colours then 1x30g of each colour, plus 125g of Snow White.  If using 2 colours then 35g of central colour and 70g of mid colour, plus 125g of Snow White.

Extra-large:  136cm long by 30cm wide.  Yarn –  if using 4 colours then 1x35g of each colour, plus 150g of Snow White.  If using 2 colours then 40g of central colour and 80g of mid colour, plus 150g of Snow White.

Finally, fancy a sneak peek?  I don’t want to give too much away as I want you to have some surprises………….


If you have any questions, please ask away here, on Ravelry or on my Facebook page.

Happy crocheting xxxx


Smile :-)

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