International Crochet Month – NatCroMo

As well as celebrating International Crochet Month with 4 new designs, I am pleased to be a featured designer in the NatCroMo celebrations organised by Crochetville!

Have a look at Crochetville on the facebook page here.  There are crochet designers, tutors and hobbyists featured each day during March and offers galore.  You will find crocheters and designs you have never seen before, learn new things and generally immerse yourself in all things crochet!    And let’s face it, we are living in unusual times so we need the warmth and support of our crafting network more than ever.

As a special offer for NatCroMo my Kitty Shawl is available free on Ravelry if you use coupon code NATCROMO on checkout, valid until midnight GMT tomorrow 31st March.

This is a versatile design in 4ply/fingering yarn with several variations in colour combinations and edging.  It is written in UK crochet terms only, but has US terms for reference and has a chart.

Even if you don’t want to make this shawl straightaway, grab it and pop it in your queue and when you have that perfect yarn you can indulge yourself 🙂

Happy crocheting xxx


International Crochet Month – Week 4

This is my 4th and last design published to celebrate International Crochet Month 2020 – One Es Es shawl.


One Es Es is designed to be made from one 100g skein of sock/fingering/4 ply yarn. It is a sideways triangular shawl design which increases in width until you have used half your yarn then reduces. The edge is made as you work and once you crochet the last row you are finished! You will need weighing scales that weigh in small amounts (1g or smaller would be good) because you weigh your yarn to start with then again at regular intervals until you have used just under half, at this point the pattern changes.

I used a 100g skein of yarn that was 400m long and made a shawl approximately 200cm by 60cm once blocked. It is perfect in a single colour or in variegated yarn. You could use more than one skein to make a larger shawl if you like.


The pattern is written in UK and US terms on separate pages and has a chart.

Until midnight GMT 23rd March 2020, purchase this pattern on Ravelry at a 75% discount if you use coupon MARCHFOUR on checkout.

Happy crocheting xx

International Crochet Month – Week 3

We’re almost halfway through March already!  What have you been crocheting?  I’ve been working on a throw using the Scheepjes Catona minis colour pack – I’ll share a photo next week when it is finished.

Here is my third design to celebrate this special crochet month – this is Flatter Bag


This is a quick make in t-shirt yarn and very sturdy.  The pattern is available on Ravelry at £2 but at a 75% discount until midnight GMT on 16th March 2020 – use coupon code MARCHTHREE on checkout.

Happy crocheting xxx



2020 Blanket CAL – Finale!

I can’t believe this is week 7 and the last part of the Honeycomb Blanket CAL pattern has been added to Ravelry.   The time has flown by for me.

This finale is the edging of the blanket:

I wanted something simple that included all the colours and also a little bit of texture to reflect the web in the motifs; and it frames the honeycomb web just as I imagined.

There are nine rounds in the border, so quite a lot of work but I found it quite rhythmic so I hope you enjoy it.

I know there will not be many people who are close to finishing the blanket as there are so many motifs as well as the border but I can’t wait to see some finished blankets!  Who will be first?

Keep sharing progress on Facebook and Ravelry.

Happy crocheting xxx

PS tomorrow I will publish the third design to celebrate International Crochet Month – so watch out for the blog post!

International Crochet Month – Week 2

I hope you are enjoying International Crochet Month, there are plenty of websites and designers sharing great things during this month.  Just do a search on Ravelry or  Facebook and you’ll find lots to keep you occupied!

Meanwhile I guess you’re here because you want to see what the next design is that I am publishing to celebrate this month!   So here it is – Boxie Shawl:


This is a warm triangular shawl worked from the back of the neck downwards.  I used almost 2 skeins of 4ply/fingering weight yarn (I recommend at least 700m of yarn).  The pattern is written in UK and US crochet terms and has a couple of charts (for those who like them!). The pattern is available on Ravelry at £4, but if you are quick there is a massive 75% discount available until midnight GMT on Monday 9th March – use coupon code MARCHTWO on checkout.

Happy crocheting xxx

2020 Blanket CAL – Part 6

It’s Saturday and Part 6 of Honeycomb Web Blanket CAL has been added to the pattern on Ravelry!

This is the last motif for the blanket and it is a half motif.  This is a little different as it is worked in rows, so the post stitches need to be worked on front or back depending on which row you are on and therefore it needs concentration.  However, you do not need to make many of these, so take it slowly.


Next week is the final part – the border.   I can’t believe we are so close to the end.  This has been a fabulous CAL for me, I have seen many beautiful blankets growing and I am a little proud that I created something that so many people love.

Keep sharing progress on Facebook and Ravelry!

Tomorrow I will publish my second pattern in my 2020 International Crochet Month celebration series – it’s a shawl!

Until then, happy crocheting xxxx



International Crochet Month – Week 1

Happy International Crochet Month!  I hope your hooks are warm as this is the month to use them!

My celebration of this month is to publish 4 new designs over the first 4 weeks, each at a discount for a while.

This is week 1, so the design I have just published is Mini Mix Mandalas.  This is a set of 4 small mandalas, each starting with the same 4 rounds and having between 6 and 8 rounds in total.  They are perfect for quick makes, decorations (I can see garlands!) and playing with colour.  It is such fun to play with colour, so this is a perfect start to this special March celebration 🙂

DSC03930 (2)

The pattern costs £2 but until midnight GMT tomorrow (2nd March) you can get a whooping 75% discount on Ravelry, just use coupon code MARCHONE on checkout.  Find the pattern on Ravelry here.

The pattern is written in UK and US terms.

Until next week, happy crocheting xxxx