2020 Blanket CAL – Part 5

It’s week 5 of the Honeycomb Web Blanket CAL, so Motif E has been added to the pattern on Ravelry.

This is it:


This is the style of motif that inspired the blanket.  I designed a cushion using a very similar pattern a few years ago and that design lingered in my head until the honeycomb joined it to become this blanket!

There are quite a few of these to make in the blanket so, like last week, either you will be deeply engrossed with your crochet or way behind.  But don’t worry, next week’s motif will require very few to be made so you can have a bit of a catch up then.

Please keep sharing progress on Ravelry and Facebook.

Tomorrow is the start of International Crochet Month, so look out for my blog post for a new design and a discount!

Happy crocheting xxx


2020 Blanket CAL – Part 4

It is week 4 of the 2020 Blanket CAL, so Motif D has been added to the pattern on Ravelry.

This is it, the web is spreading!


I love Motif D, I think it would make a beautiful blanket without the other motifs.

Last week, I promised you a sneak peek of the finished blanket – so here it is


This has grown to be my favourite blanket and I know I will use these motifs again and again.  I have seen some lovely blankets emerging on Ravelry and Facebook – please keep you progress photos flowing 🙂

Only 2 more motifs to be released, then the border.  How did we get halfway through so quickly?

Happy crocheting xxx






International Crochet Month is coming!

March is International Crochet Month and I like to celebrate it in some way.  I have been involved in blog tours, released free patterns and run mini mystery CALs during March in previous years but I have been in a quandary over what to do this year.  My Blanket CAL is still ongoing so I don’t want to run another CAL at the same time.  Oh, decisions can be hard sometimes!

But I finally made my decision and it’s time to share it 🙂

This year I will publish 4 new patterns during March – a set of small mandalas, a bag in T-shirt yarn and 2 different shawls.   These will be published at weekly intervals and each will be available at a discount for a very short time.  So keep watching the blog, Ravelry and Facebook to see when the patterns and discounts go live.

Here’s a bright little preview


Happy crocheting xxx


2020 Blanket CAL – Part 3

The third motif of the Honeycomb Web Blanket has been published on Ravelry.  If you purchased the pattern then you should have received an email from Ravelry with a link to the updated pattern.

This is Motif C:


It isn’t very different from Motif B and some of you may have guessed what it would look like!  You have only 6 of these to make this week, which gives people a bit of time to catch up but also gives plenty of time to sew the motifs together.  You must align Motif C in the right direction as you join, as shown in this photograph:


This week I have seen more variations in colours and yarns, some have chosen a ‘honey’ colour scheme, some are soft blends of colours and some are quite random.  They all look lovely and it is a joy to see them, so keep sharing your progress on Ravelry and Facebook.

Would you like a sneak preview of the final blanket?  I’ll share a photo next week when I publish Motif D.

Happy crocheting xxx

2020 Blanket CAL – Part 2

It’s Saturday and I’m so pleased to announce that Part 2 of the blanket CAL has been published.   Here is Motif B


If you are following the layouts in the pattern you will make 12 of these for the 4ply blanket and 6 of these for the DK blanket.    Don’t forget to join them as you finish them to make your work easier later on.

This is how they should look once joined


Please join in the fun and share your makes on Ravelry and Facebook.

Happy crocheting xxx




2020 Blanket CAL – Part 1

The wait is over – Part 1 of the Honeycomb Web Blanket is published on Ravelry.   If you purchased the pattern you should have received an update email from Ravelry and the updated pattern including Part 1 will be in your Ravelry library.

And here it is – Motif A:


This is a hexagon within a hexagon.  If you are following the 4ply layout, then you will make 19 of these and if you are following the DK layout you will make 7.   Although I have made each motif in a single colour, I think this would work well with the centre of the hexagon a different colour, and I would love to see variations of this 🙂

All these are placed in the centre of the blanket, so you can join them as soon as you have made them (or after the first 2!), which would be great management as leaving the joining until the end makes it a daunting task.

Please share your progress on Facebook and Ravelry.

Until next Saturday, happy crocheting xxx