Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
My blog and pattern/book/ebook sales are provided by third-party services. As a rule, these third-party providers will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to provide their relevant services. Each has their own privacy policy and you can find this information linked below:

Comments and blog posts
This blog is hosted by WordPress and you can read their privacy policy here. 
I do receive an email when people follow or first comment on my blog. These are deleted when read, except when someone specifically asks for me to provide a private reply in which case they are retained only as long as is necessary for me to ensure that any queries have been responded to and resolved.
Wordpress also provides me with basic blog analytics, such as popular content and traffic referrers. However, I receive no personal details.

Pattern, eBook and book sales – the shopping cart
I use Ravelry, Loveknitting, Etsy and Craftsy for these sales. Click on each of their links to see their privacy policy. In addition, I have a privacy policy on Etsy which you can read on my shop policies page on Etsy.
As a seller on Ravelry, I receive a copy of each download email that gets sent out after purchase – these emails are sent automatically by Ravelry and it is done so that sellers have proof of delivery. Ravelry stores your email address, which may be linked to your Ravelry account if you are a member, and I have access to this sales information. However I delete my copies of the download emails within one month and prefer to use the records stored on Ravelry should an issue with download delivery occur.

Paypal Payments
Paypal has a privacy policy which you can read here.
I receive an email with each purchase but they are deleted within a month. Should an issue occur, I consult my PayPal records. When I download my sales data from PayPal for accounting, I do not download or store lists with sensitive data – I simply store the sales figures.

Direct email
When you get in touch with me you are required to provide your name and email address so that I can reply to you. Generally I do store these emails within my own email provider so that I have a record of our discussion should you get in touch again about an issue, or should there be a need for me to act or make amendments to any information within a patter, book, or on this blog. These emails are never shared and your details remain private.