Today I have been reading up about blogs, and taken some sound advice.  

The first is from a blogger that my friend Jenny recommended today – – she says – and I quote from her (I do hope you don’t mind!) – “ I’d encourage anyone to blog. It is a fantastic way of making friends, both online and in real life. My world has become richer, brighter and much more fun because people like you read, comment – and maybe have your own blogs or are thinking of setting one up. Do it! I promise, you’ll never look back…”

Such wonderful words of advice – they have spurred me on, thank you.  Please read her blog, I loved reading it!

The second is about comments.  You have no idea how scary it can be imagining what comments may emerge.   Some people may hate what I write and may criticise me for my photography or my words.  But some wise bloggers have said that certain comments are like seagulls – they dive in, shit on you, and then dive out – so just ignore those!    I haven’t had any seagulls visit yet, but when they do I will remember that advice and maybe I won’t be so scared.

Apart from advice I’ve read, I thought you may like to see a bit about what I am up to.   I did consider taking everything out of my work baskets (yes, I have more than one, in fact I dare not confess just how many I have!) place it in the middle of the floor and photograph it.  But I know if I tried this I would miss a basket….or 2…or 3………!  So instead I just pulled out things that are most active and took a photograph.   This includes things I am making for myself and some designs I am working on, but it is a small sample of what is on my hooks and needles, and in my head.   I do wish I had a few more pairs of hands to help my ideas materialise.   If you want to ask about things in this photograph, just leave a comment.


Happy knitting and crocheting