Down memory lane with my sewing machine…..

I spent 2 hours in the land of the sewing machine this afternoon. I confess it has been sadly neglected for many years. But working on my sewing machine brings back so many memories. I recall when I went to grammar school, I did one year of ‘home economics’ – which basically was cooking and sewing. Both of which I appear to have mastered beforehand. My mother was a traditional cook and, when I was young, I was encouraged to peel the potatoes and shell the peas, as well as set the table for dinner. Then when I was older I helped in the cooking, indeed my cold hands worked marvels with the pastry (it ended up being my job!). So when I did a term of cooking it was like water off a ducks back – easy and very enjoyable. Then I moved to a term of sewing – if cooking was easy, then sewing was a complete doddle. My mother had taught me very well, I was left alone by the teachers, just to make whatever I fancied because they couldn’t teach me anything. Throughout my teens I carried on sewing, and it was invaluable when I was at uni – I just couldn’t afford to buy clothes. By then I was knitting (taught by my favourite aunt) and crocheting. So I carried on making my own clothes in various media. It was very rewarding. But as many have said before – my working life took over, I no longer had the time to sew, knit, crochet.

As you all know, I came back to knitting and crochet a few years ago and, so far, 2013 has been the year of sewing. So today has been glorious, I quilted (for the first time!) and I made a cushion cover. Sewing is so much quicker than my other crafts, which give instant gratification.


Quilted cushion
Quilted cushion

And it made me think a little, about all the crafts I have dabbled in. So not only do I have a new cushion cover (quilted!), but I have also started to reach my old cross stitch and embroidery from the attic – now where on earth will I hang all this?

The seasons
The seasons
gardens abd chickens
gardens and chickens
Thatched cottage garden
Thatched cottage garden

Happy knitting, crocheting and sewing xx

2 thoughts on “Down memory lane with my sewing machine…..

  1. Sewingjen

    Oh very pretty I can feel you getting the quilting bug!! Here in The Netherlands we have been yarn stashing today!! My school memories not quite as good as yours, as I was not the favourite of my cookery teacher, and hated the needlecraft we were forced to do, one dress with fabric supplied by the teacher looked like a deck- chair. Wonder how I ever finished up being so enthusiastic about all things textile!!!

  2. I have the quilting bug! I have some gorgeous african fabric fat quarters (in indigo) which I bought at The Festival of Quilts. I am planning a large quilt next! I look forward to seeing your Dutch stash !!!

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