To Knit or Not To Knit….

My forum anniversary was 3 days ago and I have had over 80 people join in either the anniversary CAL or KAL for the 2 designs I wrote about in my last blog. The last time I did a KAL I had only 5 join in, so over 80 is quite astounding!

The most interesting thing for me is that 60 of them are doing the KAL (knitting) and only 25 for the CAL (crochet). Why is this interesting? Well, for most of the last year I have concentrated on crochet design, and done very little knitting design. In fact the last knitting design I published was in October 2012. So the design for the KAL is my first knitting design for 10 months. I do have a couple of knitting designs hibernating so maybe I should dust them off and progress them. Here’s a couple of ‘not so good’ photos:


What do you think? Should I progress these designs?

Happy Knitting and Crocheting xx

6 thoughts on “To Knit or Not To Knit….

  1. Hanne

    I have learnt a lot from both you and Heike in terms of crochet over the last while, but knitting is and has always been more my thing. Both of your patterns look fab, so please may we have those published? xx

  2. Sewingjen

    Yes Valerie continue with both of these knitting projects – maybe one of the patterns will be coming my way? Nudge nudge !

  3. Joy

    I much prefer to knit than crochet, but in the end the beauty of the simple circles got to me and I had to sign up for both KAL and CAL.
    I’d be. More than happy to make cleo but Molly was too holey at the edges for my preferences, but I don’t think that should stop you going ahead with your designs. Your patterns are always so well presented, they are a pleasure to work from. Joyo Ravelry

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