WIPing away……

If I’ve been quiet lately, it’s because I have been busy trying to finish some WIPs (work-in-progress). Why? Well about 10 days ago I read a lovely blog by my friend Kerry http://oddmentsblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/autumn-crafting-whirlwind/
It was all about how she had so many projects (WIPs) on the go she felt she was drowning. It made me stop and think. Why? Because, like Kerry, I do drown a little in the volume of projects I have. I always have a lot ongoing at any time, but I rarely take stock. And I knew that there would be some projects lurking in my cupboards which had been there for far too long. So I decided to have a good rummage and found what I thought was rather a lot. So I confessed my list of WIPs (work-in-progress) on Ravelry. There were 16 of them; some I started in recent months but the oldest was over 17 years old!!!!!

There is something quite cathartic about clearing out cupboards, so I decided that I should clear out my WIPs because I knew it would make me feel good. I must finish those that deserve it and frog those that don’t. (For those who don’t knit or crochet, to frog is to rip back all the yarn and give up on the project). I laid down a challenge to myself – to finish at least 25% of these WIPs in 2 weeks. How have I done 10 days on? Well I frogged 4 WIPs and completed 2 WIPs. In theory that means I have 10 left………………but I have found another 3 hiding in a trunk

But I am so keen to do some new things and I am finding it very hard to finish the 2 more WIPs to meet the challenge! I think I will complete one more, and make a try at the second, with the help of an evening in front of the TV! But I so long to do something new…….or rather add to my pile of ongoing projects.

As well as WIPs, I have been busy on the pattern writing front and seen some of the fruits of my labour in this field. I have written the pattern for Poppet’s Blanket and I am just awaiting a little more feedback before publishing. Here’s a sneak photo of the design……..it’s a granny blanket with a difference and the difference is that it features my favourite diamond stitch in it!

Poppet's Blanket
Poppet’s Blanket

As the blanket is for Poppet, and Poppet came from The Cats Protection League, I have decided to donate £1 from each pattern sale to the charity. I’ll let you know when I publish it.

The fruits of my labour is a small design which also uses my favourite diamond stitch in a slightly different way. It is the Diamonds Collar and features in this month’s Inside Crochet magazine. I don’t feature much in magazines because I don’t often submit my ideas to them, I prefer to dabble and design at my own pace. But being published does give me a bit if a buzz, so I may just send a few ideas off this month.

You can find it in the latest copy of Inside Crochet – website here: http://www.insidecrochet.co.uk/magazine where you will find it in their photo summary.

Inside Crochet issue 47
Inside Crochet issue 47

Happy knitting and crocheting xx

2 thoughts on “WIPing away……

  1. Sewingjen

    Think you are very brave to admit to the number of WIP’s I have many projects which include knitting, sewing, embroidery etc! You are doing very well to get to grips with them!

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