Almost halfway through April already….whoosh that time is really flying!

Whilst we have had some April showers, I have managed to spend a fair amount of time in the garden, doing some spring tidying and preparing the veg patch for my growing frenzy.

My hooks have also been on overtime, I completed the April instalment of Kaleidoscope:

April Kaleidoscope
April Kaleidoscope

It gets better every month.

I have started the April instalment of Jane Crowfoot’s mystery blanket. No photos yet but I promise one soon. This month there are some repeat blocks and a new beaded block. And funnily enough, after 2 months of getting rather fed up with endless double crochet rows and lots of end to sew in, I have at last started to enjoy this. The reason is that I have re-ignited my love of beading. There are plenty of beads in this month’s blocks and I am having fun with them. It even inspired me to make a beaded spectacle case as a gift for an elderly friend, but unfortunately I forgot to photograph it before gifting it. Doh!

I have done plenty of knitted beading in the past, I even put together an ebook of my beaded knitted bag and purse designs – Precious purses, beaded bags:.

Precious purses, beaded bags
Precious purses, beaded bags

It is over 2 years since I published this – what did I say earlier about time flying? Here is a link to the book on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/precious-purses-beaded-bags

I was pleasantly surprised to find Craftsy.com had featured my beaded bags one day last week.
So all these little reminders have made my thoughts turn to designing with beads, and maybe crochet this time…………….watch this space.

I also managed to squeeze in some time to publish this:

March Scarf
March Scarf

Not bad for only halfway through the month!

Happy knitting and crocheting xxx

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