Hooking Up! feature no 2

The second design in the Hooking Up! ebook is the April Scarf.

April Scarf
April Scarf

This was published in April 2014 as part of my 2014 scarf a month challenge.   But I decided it is also a good fit in the ebook.   The Simple Scarf uses a dk/worsted weight yarn but this April Scarf moves onto a 4ply/fingering yarn and, although not compulsory as you can use any weight of yarn, practice with finer yarns is an important step if you want to increase your crochet repertoire. It will stretch the new crocheter a little, giving them a couple more stitches to use and some interesting challenges about placing stitches.   So completing this should be a real confidence booster!

If you try this pattern, or any in the ebook, and find you have any difficulties then please do join the Ravelry forum here and ask questions – I will be happy to answer them but also you will find there are plenty of helpful crocheters on the forum.


Happy crocheting xxx

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