Magical Mandalas

At long last I have put the finishing touches to my ebook on mandalas. This was a task I started a couple of months ago but something always prevented me finalising it.  It is now complete!

Magical Mandalas
Magical Mandalas

Did you know that the word mandala is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit which loosely translated means “circle”.  It has great spiritual meaning and also is fabulous for colour therapy and healing.

There are 8 designs in the ebook:

8 mandalas in a row
8 mandalas in a row

From left to right:  Julie’s Mini, Sunshine, Simply Solid, Mary’s, Lace & Texture, Starry, Buxton and Simply Alternative.

It has been published in all the usual places – Ravelry, LoveKnitting/LoveCrochet, Etsy and Craftsy.  It contains 8 different designs, 5 of which are already available as individual patterns, but 3 of which were made available only in workshops previously.  So there is something new for almost everyone!

I thought this would be my final work on mandalas, which have entranced me this year, but I have another special design waiting!

Happy crocheting xxx



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