Room with a view…..

It’s a while since I blogged, but I have a good excuse – I’ve been on holiday.  Shortly after returning from Yarndale I was packing cases ready for a holiday in Corfu.

We love Corfu and have visited many times, normally in May or September.   This year we had a few logistical problems getting a date for holidays, mainly because there was something happening virtually every weekend throughout May and September.  However, it is still possible to fly directly to Corfu in October.

As we knew many holiday businesses will start to shut during October, we decided to do something a little different and book a hotel in Corfu Town rather than book a villa in the North East, hoping there would be plenty of activity in Corfu Town.

So that is what we did, choosing our hotel carefully so that we had a good view and a short walk to the old town.

This was the view straight out of our room:

The old fort
The old fort

The weather was good for October, mainly sunny and very warm.   Evenings were still warm and no jacket or jumper was required.  Our view to the left in the evening:

Spianada, Liston and Palace of St Michael & St George in evening light
Spianada, Liston and Palace of St Michael & St George in evening light

However, we did have a little rain, a few grey clouds and one magnificent thunderstorm. This is the view to our right on the evening the thunderstorm started to build (shortly after this shot the clouds thickened, the breeze turned to wind and the calm sea gained white topped waves…):

Garitsa Bay in the evening
Garitsa Bay in the evening

The hotel was the Cavalieri, in an old Venetian building of character and a rooftop restaurant (with those views!).  It was just what we wanted – not a large characterless box, no spa or gym, no pool but a tremendous location, lovely character, restaurant with a view and good service.

I am sure you will be wondering if I did anything yarny on holiday….well I did, but I’m saving up my Corfu yarny adventures for more blog posts – just watch this space!

Happy knitting and crocheting xxxxx

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