I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for  while, I was laid up with a bad cold last weekend and early last week.  Of course, being me I thought I could just carry on as normal but I felt so lousy that I was forced to stop all plans and just recuperate.  So I lost 4 days, I even missed going to Knitgroup, which is RARE.

So it is old news, and I am sure many of you have bought the magazine, but I am itching to tell you about the lovely feature I had in Inside Crochet.  It is called ‘Motifs 3 ways’ and is all about how motifs change as they evolve –  the same motif in 3 evolutions was used in 3 items: cowl, coaster and tablecloth.   The feature was presented very well (not a surprise since Inside Crochet style things beautifully all the time) and I felt very  proud.  It’s a great issue with other gorgeous lovelies, so do buy a copy.


Later in the week I had a meeting with my friend Nic (Yarns from the Plain).  Our meeting was all about the Cheshire Fibre Festival, for which preparation is going well and I’ll have plenty to tell you about in due course.   Nic also has a podcast and you must have a listen, in her latest one she even mentions me!

Tomorrow is my monthly crochet club:  Cheshire Crochet Club, which I hold at the local village community hall.  It is all about mandalas and I love preparing for this particular one, it’s all about colour!  A sneak peek for those who will be attending:


Until next week

Happy crocheting xx