Kits ahoy!

It’s less than a week until Yarns from the Plain holds a trunk show at Fluph (25th May 2016) and I can now start to reveal the kits that Nic will be selling which combine her gorgeous hand-dyed British yarns with my designs.

There are 3 kits ready for the trunk show (more to come later this year), so I plan 3 separate blog posts to feature each one.

First is Sigrun Scarf.   Sigrun was designed originally as a weather wrap project using 2 strands of laceweight.  It is one of my favourite designs and I often thought it would translate well to a 4 ply scarf.  And that is what Nic and I did.  The Sigrun Scarf is a colourful interpretation of the original design in gorgeous 4 ply, in fact it is very colourful – the kit includes no less than 15 colours of yarn.  The yarn is Stanley Sock, an organically farmed Falkland Merino – so super soft.


One of the joys of working with so many colours is seeing how they work together, and the best way to do this is choose them totally randomly – throw them in a basket and select each new colour without looking!    It is scary to choose yarn colours this way but it really does work, and I’m sure Nic will agree as that is exactly how she made the Sigrun Scarf.

If you are in or around Dundee on 25th May please do pop into Fluph to see the trunk show, and grab your chance to buy  the first ever kit!

Happy crocheting xxx

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