A naming game!

As you know I’ve been busy designing kits and 2 workshops for the Cheshire Fibre Festival.  With all this designing comes a naming game – just what do I call each new design?  I managed pretty well with the kits but I’ve only recently finished the workshop samples and now need to name them.

Having just finished the very last item – a new mandala for the workshop, I set my mind to thinking.  I love alliterations and I love names with meaning; suddenly I hit upon the new names:

The Merryman’s Mandala and the Sandlebridge Stripes blanket.

You saw a sneak peek of Sandlebridge a few days ago – so here’s a sneak peek at Merryman’s.


Ha, ha!  More yarn than mandala….but I don’t want to give too much away!

But where did I get these names from?

Well over to you……… I am running a little competition.  Do you know where I got these names from?  You have until 3pm (UK time) on Saturday 23rd July to come up with the answer.  Post it in the comments here on the blog, on my Ravelry page or on my facebook page .  All correct answers will go in a prize draw, and one correct entry will be chosen by random number generator.

And the prize?   A pattern of your choice from my designs.

A clue – the names have something to do with Cheshire Fibre Festival (either vague or specific!).

Happy crocheting xxx

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