CFF – another workshop

The second workshop I’m holding at the Cheshire Fibre Festival is called Magical Mandalas and is all about mandalas.

Magical Mandalas

Until early last year I really didn’t take much interest in mandalas.   One day my concentration levels were particularly low (did I ever tell you my boredom threshold is a tad low? – it affects my concentration as well) and I just picked up my hook and doodled with a colourful mandala.  I chose some colours I love and within no time it had turned into a beautiful mandala – that’s the one on the left of the photo above.  Suddenly it lifted my mood (colour does have that effect, don’t you think) and something just clicked.  From then I just couldn’t stop making them, designing them, playing with the colour.  And, as is usual, I didn’t stop at that, I researched the history and I used all my crochet experience to make them quickly and neatly.

So the workshop will introduce you to the history of mandalas, their uses, the maths (there’s always maths in crochet!) and will include hints and tips on how to make perfect mandalas.   As well as comprehensive notes, there will be several mandala patterns including a new one designed for this workshop called Merryman’s Mandala.  Oh, and some lovely yarn – I like to use Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK- so there will be 5 colourful 50g balls in the workshop kit, along with a handmade lockable stitch marker and a ‘handmade with love’ label.

This workshop isn’t entirely new, I’ve held it several times before and each one has been great fun, there’s just something about colourful mandalas that brings out energy and lots of fun!

The workshop starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm, and costs £25, booking essential – details of contact are on the CFF page.

By the way, I’ve recently added some more information on the CFF page about travel and transport.  If you’ve not looked at the page recently you may want to update yourself.

Happy crocheting xxx

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