Making an appearance at CFF…….

…. is the Chevron Cowl.


I’ve been pondering which patterns to bring to Cheshire Fibre Festival.  For a while I didn’t know whether I should bring patterns, after all they can be found easily on Ravelry and Loveknitting/Lovecrochet.  But my facebook friends explained how they love to see patterns and the designs at these events, and that buying a pattern at a fibre festival gives you the chance to see what yarn quantities and notions you need, enabling you to buy everything you need on the day.   And it’s a bonus if you can be sent the Ravelry download link as well.   So I decided I would bring some.  But which ones?

At the same time I know that Chevron Cowl was awaiting publication, having been published originally in Inside Crochet issue 77.   As I reached it out today I realised it just has to make an appearance at CFF.  I had forgotten how much I love it!  It is very adaptable, having buttons that can be arranged for a long cowl, a long scarf/cowl or wrapped around twice for a very warm cowl.    It is made in aran weight yarn, three different shades of Milla Mia Naturally Soft Aran, which is sooooo soft.   I used 3 pastel shades but the beauty of the design is you can choose whatever colours you like – bright, soft, dark, light, rainbows…..anything goes.

So yes, it will be making an appearance at CFF.  You’ll see the original design  and be able to buy the pattern, and leave you Ravelry name/email and you’ll be sent a download as well.

But if you can’t wait it’s just been published on Ravelry here and LoveCrochet.

Happy crocheting xxxx



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