Another blanket kit

The Marthall Baby Blanket isn’t the only blanket kit I have for Cheshire Fibre Festival.  I have another baby/lap blanket, and here it is:


This is called the Snelson Snuggle Blanket and can be made baby sized at 65cm square, or slightly bigger to be a cosy lap blanket.    Mine is cosy lap blanket sized!

The yarn is Stylecraft Malabar Aran, which is a blend of cotton and silk, quite a luxury for a baby blanket.  But it has thickness and weight, so it would be good for a cot topping blanket in winter (or for your legs curled up on the sofa!).

It has a stripe design which makes up surprisingly quickly and uses 5 colours (100g balls), there is only one colour choice for the kit, as shown in the photo.  Priced at £28 it is more expensive than the Marthall Blanket, but then it is more luxurious 🙂

Happy crocheting  xxx


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