International Crochet Day

Today is International Crochet Day.  There is no doubt that colourful crochet is very therapeutic, it is soothing and brings  brightness into your life.

So today is a good day to remind you of a mandala I designed last year, I call it the Soothing Mandala and I used it in a crochet-a-long last year.

Until the end of 2016, the proceeds from the sale of this mandala will be donated to The Christie, a remarkable hospital in Manchester, UK which treats cancer patients and provides them with the most amazing support through what can be a very traumatic period of their lives.

The design has 2 different final rounds, so you can choose which you like.

The pattern can be found here, and your support is very much appreciated as every sale has the potential to make a huge difference to someone.  I know from personal experience that colourful crochet things can make a huge difference to your inner strength through difficult periods in your life.

Thank you.  xxx

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