Second spring?

It’s been a tad quiet here hasn’t it?   That’s because I’ve been away on my favourite island experiencing what the locals call the ‘second spring’ which, in Corfu, means a burst of flowers as autumn begins.

We were treated to lots of flowers but I particularly loved the blankets of cyclamen on the hillsides:

The view from our terrace was lovely, and we had plenty of time to watch boating activities in the bay before ambling down to the waterside tavernas:


One day we watched a spectacular storm brewing overhead:


And even experienced a few rumbles of earthquakes in the early hours (sorry no photos of that!).

But most of the time we had sparkly seas and blue skies:


We did pop over to Kassiopi for lunch one day and a visit to Agathis lace shop.  I had a lovely chat with Agathi and was mesmerised by all her beautiful crochet work, she uses traditional patterns that her grandmother used and the finest of cotton threads.  Of course, I had to buy some:

There are so many stitch patterns in the larger piece, I will be studying it for a long time!

It was a lovely refreshing break.   And quite inspirational!

Happy holidays xx






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