There’s lots of news on CALs this week.

First the Advent CAL is now up to pattern 9:


And here are patterns 1 to 8:

The Ravelry group is very active – over 100 photos have already been shared of various Advent CAL decorations and many people are doing more than one of each.  Some are using just one colour, but others are using up to 3.   There are some sparkly yarns and many embellishments,  and even a lovely set of felted decorations.   Do have a look on the finished objects thread on Ravelry here.

There are still another 3 patterns to be published.  Pattern 9 is one of my favourites from the set of 12, but my most favourite is number 12; I’m saving the best til last!

Second CAL news – Over the festive period I am running a Christmas Mandala CAL.  This will start on 26th December 2016 and each day from then until 1st January 2017 a round or 2 of the pattern will be published.

The sample for the design uses cotton dk yarn in 5 colours, but it can be made in any yarn weight and any number of colours provided you use a suitable hook size. The mandala in dk cotton yarn on a 4mm hook measures 17½cm (7”) across.

Here’s where you can find the pattern:  link; only the introduction is available at the moment, from 26th December the pattern will be updated as each new round is published. There is a discount code on Ravelry, available until midnight on 26th December (GMT), giving a 50% discount on the price of the pattern – details on the Ravelry group.

Finally starting in January I will run a hexagon blanket CAL.   This will run for several weeks.  There are 4 designs of hexagon and they are join as you go (although you could join in a different way if you like).  I’m using aran weight yarn and my blanket is well advanced.  More details will be available after Christmas.

CALs are great fun and I would love you to join in one!


Happy crocheting xx