Latest design

Some of you may watch Facebook and Ravelry, but for those who don’t here is my latest design:half-halfIt is named after my mother Muriel.   Ok, it looks odd in the photo, that is because it shows 2 shawlettes.  Each made from one skein of sock yarn. The one on the left is the ‘solid’ version and is slightly smaller overall than the ‘open’ version on the right.

For me this is the perfect one skein shawlette for that favourite skein of yarn.  You want to see the yarn and not have the colour compete with a ‘fussy’ pattern, simplicity works best and that is what this shawlette provides in 2 variations and 2 different borders.

You can find the pattern here.  And until midnight tonight (or until 20 people have purchased, whichever is sooner) you can buy it on Ravelry at 50% off the purchase price if you use coupon code BEQUICK at checkout.

Happy crocheting xxx




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