Spring Blossom Blanket CAL:1

Welcome to day 1 of the Spring Blossom Blanket CAL.

Today Part 1 of the CAL pattern is published, the first of 4 hexagonal motif designs.  If you have purchased the pattern through Ravelry you should go to your Ravelry library and download the updated pattern (Ravelry will have sent you a link as well so you can access it easily).

It took me a long time to decide which motif to publish first.  Should I give you the prettiest motif first?  I was very tempted, but then the practical side took hold and I decided on the simplest of the hexagonal designs.  This will allow you to have a good play with your colour combos, to test your tension/gauge and to learn the join as you go technique.

It includes a layout showing where Motif 1 sits in the design and details of what I did with my colours (but this is for information as I want you to try your own combinations!), as well as a photo tutorial of how to join these motifs as you go.  Oh, and it includes the first half hexagonal motif!

I hope you enjoy it 🙂  Please share your colours and progress here, on Facebook and on Ravelry, sharing makes the CAL so much fun!

Part 2 will be published in a week, and that will be a lot more floral looking than part 1!

Happy crocheting xxx

If you haven’t yet purchased the pattern it can be found here.  And if you use the coupon code BLOSSOM on checkout on Ravelry you will get it at a £3 discount – coupon code only available until midnight GMT tonight!

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