Spring Blossom CAL:finale!

The last part of the Spring Blossom Blanket CAL has been published – you can find it here.

For the finale I wanted to share a fabulous photo of the finished blanket but the weather has been poor – the light levels are low at this time of year and the skies have been grey and it has rained.  Virtually every day for the last 3 weeks I have tried to grab any bit of sunshine to photograph the blanket outside – the few opportunities I had were fruitless.  So this week I had to try some inside shots.  First I laid it on the floor and this happened:


Every shot was photobombed!

So I placed it on the sofa, but the photobomber (Poppet) was too quick for me, in fact she liked the sofa more:

Despite Poppet’s successful photobombing, I think you can get a good idea of what the blanket looks like!

It is very difficult getting great photos of finished designs, especially in winter light.   I took well over 100 shots this week.  But I did manage one exterior shot which wasn’t too bad:


I hope you have enjoyed the CAL and please continue to share photos on Ravelry and Facebook!

Happy crocheting xxxx

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