The first day of Spring

Today is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere.   It started miserable with clouds and rain in abundance.   But just after lunch the clouds drifted apart, the sun popped out a few times and now it’s come out to play.  So I took a break from my desk for a little wander outside to see all the signs of life springing up in the garden and the fields:

Some tulips about to open (looks like the slugs have been having a feed on some of the leaves!), a small clump of primrose and just over the fence in the rough meadow signs that the primrose has been self-seeding – this little patch was a joy to behold and the meadow will not be mown in this area for quite a while!

And further afield evidence of the badger foraging by pushing up the turf, blackthorn in blossom and in the well/spring there is evidence of just how wet it has been.

Before too long the leaves will open on the trees and in the hedges and more life will well up.   I love this time of year!

Happy spring xx



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