Indie June focus – Pixie Squares

This is Pixie Squares Blanket:

DSC01332 chair

It is included in the Indie June special offers on LoveCrochet and you can find the pattern here.

The blanket is made in aran weight yarn and comprises a lot of small squares joined as you go. Each square is about 5.5cm across, so they are small. But they are also very quick to make.   I didn’t join as I made them, I just made lots of little squares and fastened them off loosely; then when I had some time I sat at a large table and organised them in a colourway I liked.  I just pulled back about half of the last (very easy) round and then joined quite a lot at a time.    This enabled me to work out a layout chart that looked good (at least I thought it looked good!) and I have included this in the pattern.

Once I had a lap-size I stopped.  Well I did want to continue but I knew I was getting rather addicted to these squares and if I didn’t stop I’d end up with a blanket the size of a football pitch!   I wanted the border to be pretty and fairly solid.  When it comes to borders I think that a blanket with a simply styled motif can carry a wider more jazzy border (and the reverse also – a complex or jazzy centre looks best with a simple border). So my border ended up at 9 rounds, and has a lovely twist in the last few rounds.

The yarn I used is Drops Nepal and I used a total of 25 balls (50g/75m) in 9 different colours.    However, you could use any aran weight yarn, and it’s a great stash buster! Have a look at the Paintbox Aran weight range here – they have a wide range of colours and are great value; there are also some lovely colour packs available (I like the 10 ball Simply Aran Candy Shop colour pack and I estimate you could make a lap sized blanket out of one 10 ball pack of Simply Aran).  And there’s 20% off the Painbox Yarns colour packs until midnight tomorrow (3rd June) if you use coupon code PACK20.

Pixie Squares pattern is written in UK and US crochet terms, includes a chart for the square as well as written instructions, some photos of the steps and a layout chart.   It is on offer on LoveCrochet for just £2 for the whole of June.  If you prefer to use Ravelry then you can find the pattern here but do need to use coupon code INDIEJUNE on checkout to get the discount down to £2.


Happy crocheting xxx


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