Indie June Focus – Sandlebridge Stripes

The 4th pattern in my Indie June special promotion is another blanket. This is Sandlebridge Stripes:


I love stripey blankets but I do have a short attention span, or rather I get bored with lengthy repetition!   To overcome this I challenged myself to design a stripey blanket that had just enough interest to continue ‘grabbing’ me for long periods of time.   It also became the focus of a workshop I was planning on blankets.

I wanted to avoid some of the pitfalls of stripey blankets (like having all the ends on just one side of the blanket which I think can affect drape and can make the blanket look untidy).   And I wanted to mix the design about so that some rows were quick to make (aiding in the sense of achievement) and others a bit more slow and therapeutic.  Armed with these ideas and 7 different balls of Stylecraft Special DK I set about designing and making a lap blanket.  I reckon I was successful because when I finished my 7th ball I grabbed another 7 and the blanket carried on growing!

The stitch pattern is a 5 row repeat and the colour changes mean that you only repeat the exact pattern/colour combo every 35 rows.  There are a lot of ends to sew but they are on both edges of the blanket so it is  balanced.

The finished blanket is approx 145cm by 175cm – a really great size, but you could make it bigger or smaller to suit your needs.

Whilst I used Stylecraft Special DK, any DK yarn would work well and colour choice is up to you!

The pattern is on special offer at only £2 during June here on LoveCrochet or here on Ravelry, but you must use coupon code INDIEJUNE on checkout on Ravelry to get the reduced price.


Happy crocheting xxx


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