Cheshire Fibre Festival 2017 – extend your crochet skills

This week I’m sharing information on 2 crochet workshops at Cheshire Fibre Festival. These are not ordinary crochet workshops but ones which teach you different techniques to help you extend your abilities.   Also, whilst they look amazing they are not difficult to learn provided you know how to do the basic crochet stitches.

They are Hairpin Lace Crochet and Modern Freeform Irish Crochet by Louise Croall.

Hairpin Lace Crochet uses a hairpin loom to make beautiful lacy strips of crochet that can then be joined together to make a large variety of items including scarves, shawls, clothing and blankets. Hairpin Lace can also be used to embellish a pattern giving it a lovely lacy alternative to conventional crochet or knitting.   In this workshop you will be given a quality hairpin lace loom and will learn to use it to make hairpin lace and then how to join them using a variety of different methods.  This is one sample of hairpin lace crochet (it’s part of an amazing scarf that Louise made!):


The workshop is suitable for beginners, who are able to tension yarn, crochet chains and make a double crochet stitch.

It runs from 9.30am til noon and costs £30 which includes the loom and the yarn to make samples.  All you need to bring is your usual crochet kit including hooks and scissors.

Modern Irish Freeform Crochet 

This workshop brings traditional Irish Crochet into the 21st century! Starting in Russia in the 1990’s using modern yarn in all sorts of colours; Modern Irish Freeform Crochet is a fantastic technique to learn. It’s extremely versatile and can be used for garments, blankets, household items or works of art!

Louise has made some stunning items in modern irish freeform crochet, the photo below is part of an autumnal table runner.   She has designed and made a beautiful floral top and is currently designing and making a sea themed top (I’ve had a sneak peek at some of it and I can’t wait to see the finished garment!).  She taught me the techniques and I am currently making a oolourful window pelmet.


You too can get started in this wonderful craft by learning the techniques to make a table centrepiece (for Christmas!).

The workshop is suitable for intermediate crocheters, ideally you will be familiar with making motifs.  It runs from 1.00pm til 4.00pm and costs £30 which includes the yarn to make the project.  All you need to bring is your usual crochet kit including hooks and scissors, a blocking mat will also be helpful.

If you wish to book either of these workshops email Louise at the email address shown on the CFF page, alternatively send a message through the Cheshire Fibre Festival facebook page.

Happy crocheting xxxx



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