I love buttons!   I have a huge collection of all sorts of colours and shapes and sizes, yet I don’t use them often.  I think buttons look lovely in jars – like sweets!   And that’s how I store them, colour coded and looking (to my eyes) gorgeous!

But, as I said, I don’t use them often and sometimes I feel guilty that I haven’t got  a use for them all.

Last weekend I heard about an amazing initiative by a school in the lake district – their aim is to collect 6m buttons to represent the holocaust victims. (edited to add a new link  to their facebook page, as the original article has vanished, also it appears their target has now reduced to 1.5 million – following the facebook page will update you)

So tonight I have been rummaging in my button collection and put together this:


2 jars of buttons. I don’t know how many there are in each but tomorrow I will find out because I plan to count them before I parcel them up and send them to the school.  Hopefully my buttons will add to their collection and help them raise the 6m they want.

Can you help?  Please send any buttons to:

The Lakes School
LA23 1HW

Together we can make a difference and a memorial.

2 thoughts on “Buttons

    1. Aha! Thank you for telling me about it! I couldn’t remember exactly who had told me but when it came up in my facebook feed I knew I could do something about it 🙂 I estimate there are over 1,000 buttons in the package I’m sending. Let’s hope this starts a flood of them x

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