Wrapped in Memories Blanket CAL

It’s Friday February 2nd 2018 and that means………… part 1 is released!  The pattern has been updated and you should have had a notification from Ravelry, if not just pop over there and check your library – and updated version should be available.

Here is square number 1:


It is the simplest square of the CAL, and one which is based on the traditional and much loved granny square.  I thought you would appreciate an easy start, but also you probably all know how to make a granny square so using this as the basis for the first start at the scrap blanket gives you the opportunity to test out your tension on different yarns.  It is even possible that you’ll find some yarns will need different hook sizes – so if you use this to start with you will have a good idea of what size or sizes of hooks to use for the next square.

I love this one, and have plans to make a cushion cover using just this square!

I’ve included some more information in part 1 to give you an idea on how many squares you may want to make depending on size of blanket and weight of yarn – I hope you find this helpful.

The pattern is here.

Please share progress here, on Ravelry  or Facebook.

Happy crocheting xx





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