Here in the UK we’ve had another short snowy weather snap.   Two weeks ago I thought the winter snow had finished and things started to look a little more like spring.   Daffodils had poked their little flowers up and then almost immediately they were covered by several inches of the white stuff.

If I am honest, I do quite like the look of daffodils in the snow, something about the crisp white background to the brave yellow trumpets lifts my heart.   But surely spring is just around the corner?  It’s Easter in just over a week – things must start to perk up now!

I am looking forward to more sunshine and evenings spent in the garden.  So I decided that this week’s special offer (for International Crochet Month) should be for something that we can all use in the garden once the weather warms up – a lovely floral tablecloth.   This is the one:


It was originally published in Inside Crochet issue 76 as part of a triple design called ‘Three Ways with Motifs’ but it is also available as a single pattern on Ravelry here.  Normally it costs £4 but until midnight GMT on 28th March you can buy it at the discounted price of £1 if you use coupon code MARCH at checkout.

The pattern is designed for 4ply cotton yarn.  I used 8 different colours to give 2 colourways for the flowers but it could be a great stashbuster and would be lovely in multi-colours.  The flowers form the edges of the tablecloth, so the motifs aren’t squared off along those edges.  The motifs use an easy join-as-you-go method which speeds up the making.    If you have time over the Easter holidays you could make a really good start to your summer garden tablecloth 🙂

Happy International Crochet Month xx


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