Ada’s Stripes Cowl

Ada’s Stripes is the name of a new crochet cowl design.   The name derives from the yarn – it is made in Find Me Knitting Ada yarn, a chunky single spun pure Peruvian highland wool.  This yarn is a dream to work with, it slips off the hook smoothly and quickly.


Ada’s Stripes uses 6 x 30g mini-cakes of Ada yarn which are available from Find Me Knitting here.   You will also find these at Wonderwool Wales this weekend, along with copies of the pattern.  Whilst I used  specific colours, you could use any combination of the 10 available colours to suit your own style.   It is a close fitting cowl approx 15cm deep by 60cm around but it could be made bigger, although you may need more yarn.  It’s a lovely quick make, and would be great as a present.

The pattern is also available from my Ravelry shop and LoveCrochet.

Happy crocheting xxx



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