Cloud CAL

I promised you details of the kidsilk CAL a few days ago and here they are!

This is the introduction to the Cloud CAL, a skinny summer scarf made from kidsilk yarn – that is a laceweight yarn which is approx 70% kid mohair and 30% silk.  It is light and fluffy, much like a cloud 🙂

This is a fun CAL and will come in 2 parts – part 1 will be published next Friday (18th  May 2018) and part 2 the Friday afterwards (25th May 2018).  Today I’m giving you details of the materials; hopefully a week is long enough for you to gather these.

What you will need:

The essentials:


1 x 25g ball of kidsilk yarn, about 200m long.   There are many yarns available of this variety – Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Debbie Bliss Angel, Willow & Lark Plume to name a few. I used a ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze that I have had in my stash for AGES – so long that the shade number is no longer available and I can’t even find a name from the shade by trawling through Ravelry!  It is number 591 and is a lovely pale grey which is neutral enough to go with anything.

4.0mm (US G/6) crochet hook, I like Clover Amour

Weighing scales, I use Salter scales because they have a handy weighing tray which doubles up as a cover, but any good small weight kitchen scales will do – ideally ones that weigh in 0.1g or 0.05g measures and with a weighing tray that will take a ball or skein of yarn (some of them are a bit too small for this)

Also useful:


6 lockable stitch markers, the ones I used are like little safety pins and very lightweight so ideal for the yarn

And optionally:


Beads plus a small hook (small enough to go through the centre of the bead),  I used 60 size 8 beads and a Clover Amour 0.6mm crochet hook. Whilst beads are optional, I think they really set this scarf off well.

This is a very simple CAL, aiming to be a relaxing make rather than a challenge as many people find using kidsilk yarn is a challenge anyway.

Just one last thing, I can’t set you off on a CAL unless I give you a sneak peek!


This is skinny and simple, and may even convert some of you to kidsilk yarn!  Of course, you don’t have to use kidsilk yarn – any yarn will do as this pattern will work with anything, but of you want to use beads then 4ply would be best.

If you want to chat about this CAL, you can ask questions or comment on this blog, or on my Facebook page or on Ravelry.

Until part 1 next week…………..

Happy crocheting xxx

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