Fancy a blanket made by me?

Earlier this year I ran my annual blanket CAL using the Wrapped in Memories blanket design.  As part of my designing process I made 2 blankets – one in Stylecraft DK and one in 4 ply leftovers/scraps (which was the theme for the blanket).

Here’s the Stylecraft blanket:

DSC02648I love my scraps blanket because of all the memories hooked into it, and I love the Stylecraft blanket because of the colours!  But I have so many blankets at home that I decided I needed to find a good cause for the Stylecraft blanket.   And I am so pleased to say that I found that cause through my friend Kathy.  She supports many good causes through auctions and other fundraisers, and she was more than happy to find a way of raising funds from my blanket, in fact I think she was a bit gobsmacked that I could give away such a beautiful blanket!  But I was so pleased that Kathy could help me 🙂

If you want a chance to win this blanket (hooked by me!) then hop along to the ‘I love crafting – Friends and supporters’ group on Facebook – you will need to join the group but that will give you the chance to help the fundraising and maybe win the blanket!

Good luck! xxx




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