Christmas Mandala 2018

The period between Christmas and New Year gives many people the opportunity to take holidays and have an extended break and others have no choice by having enforced holidays as businesses close for the season.  So this is a great time for a little CAL fun and it has become a tradition for me to hold a mandala CAL over this period.

Once again I have designed a colourful mandala and this year I will release it in 6 parts – one per day from 26th to 31st December 2018.   The mandala has 16 rounds and each day between 2 and 6 rounds of the pattern will be released.  So the mandala CAL will take a little time to work up each day and playing with colours in your mandala at this time of year helps brighten up your day (which is rather grey in the UK at this time of year!).

If you want to join in you can find the pattern here. It’s just the introduction part for now, but it does include the materials required and the stitches used. And there is a discussion group on Ravelry here. And if you buy the pattern before midnight (GMT) on 26th December, you can get 75% discount by using the coupon code CHRISTMAS

I  used pastel colours this year – here’s a peek:

DSC03377 - Copy

Of course, you could use any colours you like, so don’t be afraid to experiment!  It will be lovely to see what colours everyone chooses 🙂

Happy crocheting xxx

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