A New Yarn Club

I am a bit addicted to yarn clubs and there are some luscious clubs out there! I’ve seen clubs range in price from £20 to £40 per month for one skein of yarn. Paying over £20 per month for one skein of yarn is costly to some people but for me it is well worth it. The first yarn club I joined was The Natural Dye Studio, and I so miss their lovely yarns.  The one I’m in currently is Triskelion Yarns sock club – oh my, I love the surprise of the yarn and colour each month 🙂

I am delighted to say I have found another yarn club which I think is very good value. Not only that but the company is North West based (so fairly local to me), the yarn is spun in Yorkshire, dyed in Lancashire and the company take their environmental responsibility seriously, are a living wage employer and are members of an ethical supply chain. All of which makes me feel good when I purchase from them.

I stumbled upon their yarn club before Christmas, the thing that struck me first was the colour of the yarn in the December box. There are 2 x 100g skeins of natural yarn in each box and December had teal and grey. I had been thinking of a shawl design in just those colours for some time, so I had to give it a try. This is what I received:


The box was delivered in a larger cardboard box and the yarn was wrapped in lovely tissue paper – not a hint of plastic anywhere.

As well as the yarn, there was a lovely pattern for a crochet cushion and the buttons required to finish it. There were no gimmicks included (I don’t need a new crochet hook each month, nor extra stitch makers, teabags or sweets!).
The great thing is the price – it starts at £21.95 per month for two skeins – For December that was 800m of Bluefaced Leicester 4ply yarn.

It wasn’t long before I started crocheting. The yarn is lovely to work with and is slowly becoming a new shawl.


I can also say the company customer service is great. I was confused when purchasing as I wanted a one-off box before committing to a monthly subscription. I thought I’d ordered December but orders had actually closed and I’d ordered a January box. However, when I queried it they sent me the December box very promptly without a quibble.

Three Bears Yarns also do cotton in different weights, and some Bluefaced Leicester aran. I look forward to trying these in due course.

Now I have to confess I joined their affiliate scheme. It was an accident really, I wanted more information and somehow managed to sign up. So please be aware that if you click on the link on the top right of the page and subsequently purchase from Three Bears Yarns, then I will receive a small commission. I am not in any other affiliate schemes, and I did think twice before adding the link, but the company environmental credentials swung it for me.

In due course I’ll share my new design with you, meanwhile I’m enjoying working the yarn.

Happy crocheting xxx

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