2019 Blanket CAL Part 3

It is Saturday so it is new squares day!

Part 3 of the Down Memory Lane Blanket CAL has been published.   If you purchased the pattern on Ravelry then you will find the new pattern in your library.  Once again 2 versions are available – UK terms or US terms, so make sure you select the correct one.


Motif 5 is a variation of Posts.   The original ‘Posts’ was an 8 round square in the Winter Blanket CAL 2015.  This was a paid for pattern so if you are following the free version why not try using square number 6 from my Blog Blanket CAL 2015 – you can find it here.   Just add 2 extra rounds of trebles (US dc) to get it to the correct size).

This version of Posts has been adapted to continue the posts until the 9th round.  I love the texture, lace and distinct pattern.


Motif 6 is a version of ‘The Square that got away’ which was published on my blog in 2015.  It’s another square I love for the simplicity of the design.   If you are following the free version look here.  Work the pattern to 10 rounds.

Part 4 will be published in a week – one based on a free pattern and one based on a paid pattern.

I’ve seen some beautiful completed squares on Ravelry, why don’t you join in and share your progress on Ravelry here.

Happy crocheting xxx

PS Stay tuned tomorrow for an announcement for International Crochet Month!

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