March Mini Mystery CAL 1 – part 1

Happy Crochet Month!  The celebrations have started and Part 1 of the March Mini Mystery CAL 1 has been published on Ravelry here.  This is a free pattern.

This is the first of 4 mini mystery CALs to celebrate this month of crochet and they are hosted in my Ravelry group here.  Not all are free patterns, but there will be a coupon code available for a very short time as each pattern is published, making  them free if you are quick!

There are no spoilers here on the blog until each CAL is fully published.   So the only thing I can show is the materials:

March Mini Mystery CAL 1 Part 2 (the final part of this one) will be published on Wednesday.

I hope you join in for the fun!

Happy crocheting xxxx

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