2019 Blanket CAL – The Finale

The final part of the Down Memory Lane Blanket – the 2019 Blanket CAL – has been added to the pattern on Ravelry.  This includes the joining method and border that I used.  So now I can show you my finished blanket in situ.


I like simplicity in a blanket, so no fancy join and no large fussy border for me, which is why the pattern includes a minimal join and a simple 5 round border.  However, joining and border could be anything and I know many of you have favourite joining techniques and like more substantive borders – the choice is yours because the blanket you make is yours and you should make what you like 🙂

My final blanket is meant to be double bed size but also fits over our king size bed, so is very practical.    It is also full of my favourite squares and uses some of my favourite yarns, so is just what I wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed the blanket CAL this year – it has been fun for me to have you join in the journey!

Happy crocheting xxx


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