March Mini Mystery CAL 1 – Part 2

Part 2 of the first March Mini Mystery CAL has been added to the Ravelry pattern page here.  This completes the first CAL.

Part 2 is a little tricky as you’ll be working with jute, but I’ve added a few tips on this in the pattern.

Please share progress on the Ravelry group, where you can share spoilers!

I can’t wait to see your creations!

The second CAL starts on Sunday 🙂

Happy crocheting xxx


March Mini Mystery CAL 1 – part 1

Happy Crochet Month!  The celebrations have started and Part 1 of the March Mini Mystery CAL 1 has been published on Ravelry here.  This is a free pattern.

This is the first of 4 mini mystery CALs to celebrate this month of crochet and they are hosted in my Ravelry group here.  Not all are free patterns, but there will be a coupon code available for a very short time as each pattern is published, making  them free if you are quick!

There are no spoilers here on the blog until each CAL is fully published.   So the only thing I can show is the materials:

March Mini Mystery CAL 1 Part 2 (the final part of this one) will be published on Wednesday.

I hope you join in for the fun!

Happy crocheting xxxx

2019 Blanket CAL Part 4

Part 4 of the 2019 Blanket CAL – Down Memory Lane – has been published.  If you purchased the pattern you should find it in your Ravelry library.  If you are following the free version read on for details of how to adapt free patterns.


Motif 7 is based on Openwork from Winter Blanket CAL 2015.   I have extended it with a bit more lace.  If you are following the free version then what not substitute with a variation of the first square from my Christmas Blanket CAL 2014 here, just add 4 more rounds of trebles (US dc) to get to the correct size and stitch count.


Motif 8 is my absolute favourite, Octoghan, which I have extended by one round.  If you are following the free version then you can find the original free pattern here, simply add one round of trebles to get the correct size and stitch count.

Next week both squares are based on free patterns.

I love to see what you make, so please share progress on Ravelry here.

Happy crocheting xxxx