Playing with beads

Tomorrow is the monthly Crochet Club and the topic is crocheted jewellery.  For me crocheted jewellery normally means adding beads, and that is one of the things we will do tomorrow.

Usually, I think about the topic for a week or so beforehand, so I’ve had crochet and beads on my mind for a while.  I remembered the last time we played with beads at Crochet Club was 2 years ago when we made some pretty little crochet pots.  Aren’t these cute?


They are small – ranging from 4cm to 8cm across and from 4cm to 6cm high – and are perfect for storing little bits n bobs on the dressing table.  I used some leftover Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn in shades of blue and green, and some lovely beads to make them sparkle.   The smallest pot is similar to the one I published here on the blog 5 years ago.

These aren’t on the agenda for tomorrow but I looked them up anyway and was astonished to find the pattern written and tested but never published!   So I have rectified this.  Beaded pots is now available on Ravelry and until the end of this month (midnight GMT 31st July) available at half price.

Are you planning on bringing some crochet sparkle into your life?

Happy crocheting xxx

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