2020 Blanket CAL – Part 1

The wait is over – Part 1 of the Honeycomb Web Blanket is published on Ravelry.   If you purchased the pattern you should have received an update email from Ravelry and the updated pattern including Part 1 will be in your Ravelry library.

And here it is – Motif A:


This is a hexagon within a hexagon.  If you are following the 4ply layout, then you will make 19 of these and if you are following the DK layout you will make 7.   Although I have made each motif in a single colour, I think this would work well with the centre of the hexagon a different colour, and I would love to see variations of this 🙂

All these are placed in the centre of the blanket, so you can join them as soon as you have made them (or after the first 2!), which would be great management as leaving the joining until the end makes it a daunting task.

Please share your progress on Facebook and Ravelry.

Until next Saturday, happy crocheting xxx

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