OctaCal CALs – Part 2

How are you getting on with Part 1 of the CAL? I have seen some lovely colourful motifs from Part 1, from autumnal colours to deeps colours and all very beautiful.

Today Part 2 of OctaCal Blanket and OctCal Wrap have been published. For each design there are 2 versions – one in UK crochet terms and one in US crochet terms, so be sure to download the correct version for your preference.

Previous purchasers should have received an email from Ravelry with a link. If you haven’t purchased yet you can find the patterns on Ravelry here: OctaCal Wrap and OctaCal Blanket

Part 2 are simple motifs, like sunflowers, designed to show off the colour of your yarn. They are also more relaxing to make, so a bit of a rest from last week! It may even give you a bit of time to catch up on sewing your ends before Part 3 next week 🙂

Want to see them? Well here they are, blanket on left and wrap on right:

I can’t wait to see some new motifs!

The CALs are hosted on Ravelry and Facebook. Hopefully I’ll see some there 🙂

Next week is my favourite motif and it’s a little more tricky.

Happy crocheting xxx

Summary gallery below!

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