OctaCals CALs – Part 5

Part 5 of OctaCal Blanket and OctCal Wrap have been added to the patterns and you can start to fill out your blanket or wrap 🙂

If you have finished Part 4 you should have a ‘grid’ of motifs with little square or diamond shaped gaps that need filling, like this one (pins show where you join):

Part 5 will show you how to add little motifs and join them in this gap to make your blanket or wrap almost complete (the border comes next week).

Here’s a little motif which hasn’t been joined, just to show you the shape, and also one that is joined:

Purchasers of the pattern should have received an email from Ravelry with a link. For each design there are 2 versions – one in UK crochet terms and one in US crochet terms, so be sure to download the correct version for your preference. If you haven’t purchased yet you can find the patterns on Ravelry here: OctaCal Wrap and OctaCal Blanket

The CALs are hosted on Ravelry and Facebook. Hopefully I’ll see some there 🙂

Next week is the border, but before you get there remember to sew your ends as you go 🙂

Happy crocheting xxx

Summary gallery below!

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