Beach Blues Bag CAL – final part

Welcome to the final part of the Beach Blues Bag CAL. In this part we finish by making a handle.

First you need to strengthen the top edge of the bag, then you need create the base of the handle.  I did all of this in double crochet (US single crochet).

Let’s start with a reminder of the shape at the top of the bag. The photo below shows the shape and final edging, and the diagram shows one side of the bag.  

The first 2 rounds strengthen the top edge and create the base (centre) of the handle. Start the first round at point A, as indicated in the diagram above.

Round 1:  Using White (the colour I used for the centre of the motifs and for joining them), work 1 round of dc as follows: Place 1dc in each tr or 1ch-sp along the edges.  At the top corners of the squares (Points A and B) put 3dc into each 2ch-sp and place a sm into the middle of these 3dc.  At the ‘valleys’ work 3dc together.  As you start the round at A, start by working 3dc in the 2ch-sp. Join the round with a ss.

Round 2:   At point A, 1dc in 1st st, 2dc into the st marked, remove sm and replace into the first of these 2 dcs.  Work 1dc in each st around except at the valleys, work 3dc together and at point B, put 2dc into the st marked, remove sm and replace into the second of these 2 dcs.  Join the round with a ss and then ss into the first marked st.   Now make a chain for the handle (I made 60 ch but you could make it longer), without twisting the ch join to the marked st at B, ss in next st along at B, turn and work back down the ch with 1dc in each ch, ss in next st at A to complete the handle base.

As this is a single handle, I made it wide, adding 5 rounds of dc either side of the centre as follows.  However, you could make it wider or narrower as you prefer.

Round 3:  join Light Turquoise at any point, work 1dc into each around and work 3dc together at the valleys, join with a ss.  Break yarn and fasten off

Rounds 4-7: repeat Round 3 using yarns Jeans Blue, Light Grey, Bright Blue, Blue Grey.

Repeat Rounds 3 to 7 on opposite side of bag top and handle.

Weave in all your ends. Voila! You have a finished bag!

I hope you enjoyed the CAL. I would love to see what you make, please join in the discussion on Facebook or Ravelry.

Happy crocheting xx

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