Round Again CAL – Part 2

I hope you have made lots of little circles from Part 1. I’ve been blown away by the many lovely circles I’ve seen! This week we make a simple variation of the first circle in Circles 2 and 3 which use slightly less yarn, great if you have a few scraps that weren’t quite enough for Circle 1. 

Keep those scales out as it really is useful to weigh them as you make them. I found each used just a little less than 3g/12m. And keep that ruler/tape handy as I know many of you have found variations in size and needed to adjust.

These are a selection of Circles 2 and 3, they have ‘spokes’ in them so that’s why I chose their names.

The patterns are written in UK crochet terms and use the same stitches as last week, with just one addition: ch-sp which means chain space. The other abbreviations can be found in that post. Don’t forget there is a paid for pattern on Ravelry which is also being released in parts and has a US crochet terms available too.

Circle 2 – centre spoke

Foundation: 4ch, join into a ring with a ss.

Round 1: 4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch), (1tr in ring, 1ch) 7 times, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [8tr, 8 1ch-sps]

Round 2: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in st at base of ch, 2tr in each st and in each 1ch-sp around, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [32tr]

Round 3: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 2tr in next st, *1tr in next st, 2tr in next st; rep from * to end of round, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [48tr]

Round 4: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in next st, 2tr in next st, *1tr in each of next 2 sts, 2tr in next st; rep from * to end of round, ss in 3rd ch from start to join, break yarn and fasten off.  [64tr]

Circle 3 – mid spoke

Foundation: 4ch, join into a ring with a ss.

Round 1: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 15tr in ring, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [16tr]

Round 2: 4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch), (1tr, 1ch) in each st around, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [16tr, 16 1ch-sps]

Round 3: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 2tr in next 1ch-sp, *1tr in next st, 2tr in next 1ch-sp; rep from * to end of round, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [48tr]

Round 4: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in next st, 2tr in next st, *1tr in each of next 2 sts, 2tr in next st; rep from * to end of round, ss in 3rd ch from start to join, break yarn and fasten off.  [64tr]

I made 24 each of Circles 2 and 3 for my blanket.

I would love to see photos of your little circles, please share them on Facebook and Ravelry.

Next week the circle has a bit more texture.

Until then, happy crocheting xxx

The patterns and photographs in this post are copyright

Round Again CAL – Part 1

I hope you are all ready for Part 1 of the Round Again Blanket CAL. This is the first of 6 parts of the CAL and introduces the simple circle. This is not at all difficult provided you know how to work in the round and count stitches. There are only 4 rounds and I made quite a few of these, however they are very quick to make. They will help you to see how some of your variegated scrap sock yarns look in the round and I recommend you make one of these circles for each of your different scrap yarns. Don’t forget there is a paid for pattern on Ravelry which is also being released in parts and has a US crochet terms available too.

When you have made a few circles in different yarns, measure each of them.   They should all be roughly the same size at around 9cm across.  If you are using sock yarn of different wool blends or meterage you may find that the motifs vary a little in size; provided this variation isn’t too great then it won’t really matter.  But some may vary significantly so you may need to adjust. I found small variations, mainly only a mm or so, but a few were a bit too big.  I adjusted these by reducing the height changing the stitches on the final round, for example I used half treble (US half double crochet) rather than treble (US double crochet) on the final round; this was much quicker than frogging the whole circle and trying a smaller hook!

If you find the odd one is a bit small you may find working larger stitches on the final round will adjust sufficiently.

You may also wish to weigh them.  Knowing how much yarn is used for each motif may help you decide which to make with your remaining yarn. I found each Circle 1 used about 3g/12m of sock yarn.

The pattern here is written in UK crochet terms and these are the abbreviations used

ch chain

tr treble

ss slip stitch

Circle 1 in sparkly yarn


Foundation: 4ch, join into a ring with a ss.

Round 1:  3ch (counts as 1tr), 15tr in ring, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [16tr]

Round 2:  3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in st at base of ch, 2tr in each st around, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [32tr]

Round 3: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 2tr in next st, *1tr in next st, 2tr in next st; rep from * to end of round, ss in 3rd ch from start to join.  [48tr]

Round 4: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in next st, 2tr in next st, *1tr in each of next 2 sts, 2tr in next st; rep from * to end of round, ss in 3rd ch from start to join, break yarn and fasten off.  [64tr]

I made 52 of these for my blanket.

I would love to see photos of your little circles, please share them on Facebook and Ravelry.

A selection of my 52 circles

Next week in Part 2 I will be giving some very simple variations to Circle 1.

Until then, happy crocheting xxx

All photos and patterns are copyright.

It has a name!

My 2022 blanket for the CAL has a name – it is called Round Again Blanket. Round because it is made of circles and Again because I’m using scrap yarn so I’m using the yarn again!

In my last post I shared photos of all my little circles and promised I would give you details of start and timescale soon. Well soon is now! Testing is finished and I’m feeling very happy about the CAL.

I’ve had some lovely feedback from the testers including:

  • addictive
  • easy to crochet
  • fly off the hook
  • look great in variegated yarn

These are things I was aiming for and it looks like I have achieved them. So, after being so far behind in the preparation a few weeks ago, I am ready to share the details with you.

The CAL will be released in 6 parts

  1. Basic circle
  2. Variations 1 and 2
  3. Variations 3, 4 and 5
  4. Variations 6 and 7
  5. Squaring off and joining the circle motifs
  6. The border

Size, yarn and hook

The blanket I made is about 110cm by 160cm.  I used approx. 650g/2600m of scrap sock yarn and 200g/800m of a mid grey sock yarn for joining and some of the border.  These figures are approx. because I used scraps of different types and ever so slightly different meterage. I made 187 motifs in total. As I used sock yarn I used a 3mm hook. But of course you could use any yarn you like as long as you use a suitable hook size. And you can make it any size you like.


The stitches used are all the normal sts – in UK terms these are ch, dc, htr, tr, dtr, ss and some sts worked together, nothing fancy at all. Everything is worked in the round, so you need to know how to do this, but otherwise I think a beginner could cope.

The pattern

The motifs will be published here on my blog in UK crochet terms and a comprehensive paid for pattern will be available on Ravelry in both UK and US terms.


Part 1 (the basic circle) will be published here on Saturday 19th February, and each further part follows every Saturday with the final part (the border) on 26th March. The Ravelry pattern will be updated on the same days.

Just before I blocked my blanket I took a few photos including several of the back of the blanket because I think it looks just as lovely on the back, making it reversible. The back doesn’t show some of the detail of the motifs but it does show the lovely colours and it’s amazing how beautiful scraps of sock yarn can be together. It also makes a good sneak preview photo!

If you join the CAL it would be lovely if you share progress on Facebook or Ravelry.

Until next week, happy crocheting xxx

Spoiler alert!

This year’s blanket CAL has been a long time in the making, I have been so slow, and I have no excuses. Maybe it is simply that I have slowed down during these strange times we are living in and prefer to enjoy every stitch as I make it. But it is progressing to the finish line and it’s about time to share some of it with you.

First – my inspiration.

Some years ago when I was a stash building addict, I bought an Opal Sock Yarn Advent Calendar containing 24 mini balls of colourful sock yarn. I thoroughly enjoyed opening the calendar each day and finding a different coloured ball.  I really didn’t know what to do with the mini balls, they remained a colourful collection in my stash but eventually I found a simple flower motif and decided to make lots of these colourful flowers. It became one of those projects you pick up between larger projects and after a long time I managed to make over 100 of these flowers.  I decided to join them so I designed a border to make each flower a square.  I bought some pale grey yarn to create the border and join the squares as you go.   A very long time after I started to open those advent calendar ‘doors’ a lovely lap blanket emerged which I gifted to my sister.   I never took any notes of this project, nor did I take any photographs.  I just enjoyed the long lingering project.

Roll on a good number of years and I find I have accumulated plenty of scraps of yarn of all sorts – the vast majority of them being sock/4 ply or fingering weight – all roughly the same meterage per 100g in a variety of colours and yarn types.    Much of this is because I have finally found my sock knitting mojo – I have made over 20 pairs in the last 2 years and most for myself. And I have small feet so I have plenty left over from 100g balls of sock yarn! So this was the year I decided to use up all these sock yarn scraps in my CAL (ok it’s not the first time I have done this remember Wrapped in Memories?).

I wanted a really relaxing project, something straightforward that can be done at crochet/knitgroup (I’m sure you’ve all experienced the frogging after taking a project with only a modicum of complexity to a crochet/knitgroup meeting!).  I also wanted some uniformity so that the scrap project looked like it was meant to be made as a blanket not just a mess of colours.  And I wanted to use the same border to each motif, in the same colour  just like I did with the Opal mini ball project.   Grey was a good choice for this, I think white or cream would be a stark contrast to the colours and make them stand out too much and I really do not like the stained glass effect of black, but grey helps the colours to blend gently on the eye.  

The motifs are all the same shape. I started doodling a crochet circle and decided straightaway that circles should be the theme. So the CAL blanket progressed, the pattern is written and I have a few testers lined up (but shout if you’d like to help).

Want a sneak preview? Well these are all my motifs, all lined up ready for the final joining round. They are now all joined and the blanket is almost complete.

The CAL will be free on this blog, although a more detailed paid for pattern will also be available. My next post will give you more details of the CAL start date and timescale, but for now enjoy the sneak preview of all my little circles!

Happy crocheting xxx

Tis the season…….

….. to be colourful!

At this time of year I would normally run a Twixmas CAL, to make the days between Christmas and New Year more colourful. I started in 2014 when I ran a spur of the moment blanket CAL. Remember this?

It was a straightforward pattern, nice and easy to hook but colourful. And it was run free on my blog. A single printed pattern is also available at a charge here.

The following year I ran another Twixmas CAL but this was a mandala which is a perfect small project for those in the northern hemisphere where daylight is short and grey – a pop of colour every day really lifts you. This continued until 2020 when I ran my last mandala CAL during ‘Twixmas’.

I hope I am not going to disappoint too many people but I’m not running a Twixmas CAL this year. There seem to be a plethora of Twixmas CALs and KALs these days, unlike 7 years ago when I first started. So this year I am going to indulge myself and participate in someone else’s CAL. However, I still want to give you the opportunity to do a colourful mandala (or more) over the season so I am running a Twixmas mandala sale. It starts tonight at 9pm GMT and runs until midnight on New Year’s Eve. All my individual mandala patterns (not ebooks) on Ravelry will be available at a 50% discount if you use coupon code COLOUR on checkout. Here’s a selection of them

To make them easier to find I have created a bundle on Ravelry here. I have also added Plump! to the bundle and sale – Plump is a mandala cushion which is much bigger than my normal mandala designs so perfect if you want a larger Twixmas project.

What project will I be doing over Twixmas? Well you will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile I hope you have a lovely time over the season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

Until the New Year, happy crocheting xxx

And we’re off!

Today is the start of the Advent CAL 2021 – a flurry of snowflakes! As I look out of the window I see snow – what a coincidence that the first snow of winter came today!

I made my first snowflake using the 2018 Snowflake pattern this morning whilst drinking a large mug of tea. In my excitement and eagerness to photograph it for you I managed to spill my tea on it, so I need to give it a wash before I block it. But here is the pattern photo, so you know what I was aiming for

Don’t forget all the snowflake patterns in the CAL are at a 50% discount when purchased on Ravelry from now until midnight GMT on 7th December, and there are prizes available. Read this post for more information

Until tomorrow

Happy snowflake crocheting xxxx


It’s that time of year again! Advent starts on 28th November and I’m pleased to say I am running an Advent CAL this year which will start on the same day. There is only one new pattern for the CAL this year – my 2021 Snowflake. But this snowflake was the inspiration for the CAL. You all know that I love snowflakes, I love their delicate hexagonal forms and I love that no two are alike. So I decided I would incorporate all my snowflakes into the CAL.

The CAL starts on 28th November and runs until 20th December, and there will be prizes for participants who make and share at least 12 snowflakes on the Ravelry group. These are some of the snowflakes that feature in the CAL

The patterns that can be used in the CAL are

Festive Snowflakes

Quick and Simple Snowflakes and Stars

Advent CAL 2016

Snowflakes 2014

2018 Snowflake

2019 Snowflake

2020 Snowflake

Snowflake 2021 which was published today!

Within these patterns there are over 12 snowflakes to mix and match as you wish.  If you do not already have the patterns, then all patterns are 50% off from now until 7th December (midnight GMT) provided you use coupon code ADVENT on purchase, this discount applies only on purchases from Ravelry. The CAL will run on Ravelry and instructions on the details for this can be found here.

I’m so looking forward to this CAL – I will be making more snowflakes myself and posting my progress, in fact my hook and yarn are ready and waiting!

Happy CALing xx

Coming soon….a flurry!

It is that time of year again – the CAL season is beginning! My first CAL this year is the Advent CAL which will comprise a flurry of snowflakes – you know how I love snowflakes! I will post about it later this weekend, but meanwhile I can provide you with a few tips on working snowflakes in the round

  1. Go slowly, it isn’t a race so work at a speed that your are comfortable with
  2. Stop and count your stitches regularly
  3. All my snowflake patterns include a chart, so if you can use a chart then try just using the charts – they are a pretty close visual aid!
  4. I also include some photos in many of my patterns, showing how your snowflakes look after a round is completed. Use these photos, and if you are looking at the pattern on a screen (tablet, PC, phone) then magnify the photos, you will find they can help you a lot
  5. Sewing the last stitch on the final round gives an excellent finish
  6. Use stitch markers – in fact a set of 6 stitch markers means you can mark all points or particular stitches on each round (did I mention that one of the things I love about snowflakes is their hexagonal shape!)

And whilst mentioning stitch markers I must share some gorgeous handmade stitch markers by a friend of mine – she has knitting and crochet stitch markers in her shop here

I love these green ones – and magically there are 6 in the set! This is a new shop and she has only a few at the moment but will be expanding in due course. They are a perfect gift for a friend or yourself!

Happy crocheting and look out for the CAL! xxx

It’s been…..

It’s been a long time since my last blog and I am sorry for neglecting you. But I really haven’t had a lot to share. My designing has stalled and there are no new patterns to show you.

However, I have been reviewing my portfolio and one of the outcomes is that I am making more of my patterns free. There are a number of reasons for this but the underlying reason is that the market has changed and there are many more designs out there that are free, so I need to get into line.

The ones that are now free are:

Flatter, Crystal, Stripow Scarf, 2018 Quick Decorations, Lemon & Lime, Mr B Snowman, Rose Corsage Cuff and Granny Chevron Scarf. Some of these are shown below.

My review will continue and there may be more revisions to come. Meanwhile, now is good opportunity to try these designs; all are written in UK crochet terms, some are also written in US crochet terms and some include charts.

Happy crocheting xxx

March is the month! – NatCroMo 2021

As you may know, March is International Crochet Month. I have blogged about this in the past here and here. I was contemplating what to do to celebrate this month when an invitation popped into my inbox asking if I’d like to join in the NatCroMo blog tour again. How can I say no? This is a fabulous month-long blog tour covering some amazing designers and makers, and with lots of inspiration, fabulous offers and giveaways. It is organised by Crochetville and much appreciated by the whole of the global crochet community, see their facebook pages here and here.

I am today’s featured designer in the blog tour, which has the theme The Crochet Concert. If you already follow me then you’ll not be surprised by any of the news in there, except I have some special offers just for this blog tour. From today until 31st March 2021 (midnight GMT), the 3 patterns featured are at a 50% discount on Ravelry, using a coupon code.

These are the patterns

Chelford Bunting – a quick make, perfect for Easter bunting:

Honeycomb Web Blanket – this was my 2020 blanket CAL and is one of my favourites:

Queen of May Wrap – a luxurious silk wrap, first seen in Inside Crochet magazine:

To get the 50% discount just use coupon code NATCROMO on checkout.

Co-incidentally today is also ‘International Day of Happiness’ which is a global event organised by the United Nations. What a great day to share the crochet happiness across the world!

Happy crocheting xxx